Deer Management Plan – West (Assynt Peninsula) Sub-Group

APDMG Deer Photo- Deer below QuinagThe Deer Management Plan for the Assynt Peninsula or West Sub-Group of West Sutherland is located on this page, and is being consulted on through to 15th  April 2017. Any comments on the development of the plan can be referred to

The Assynt Peninsula Sub Group can be contacted through its Chairman Ray Mackay from the Assynt Crofters Trust (ACT) at or telephone (01571) 844 337.

Essential background information and policies can be found at this link below:

APDMG Working Plan March 2018 Assynt Peninsula DMP- Background Information & Policies- October 2017 DRAFT

The main working plan for the period 2017- 2021 can be found here:

APDMG Working Plan March 2018

A series of maps are referred to in the text of the main document:


A number of appendicies are also included as part of this deer plan:

Appendix 1 WSDMG Constitution FINAL 2015

Appendix 2 APDMG Contacts List (NB This is confidential to Group members and SNH only)

Appendix 3 APDMP Designated sites

Appendix 4 APDMG- Deer Cull Information

Appendix 5 APDMG Deer cull allocation for 2017-18 spreadsheet (NB This sheet is confidential to APDMG members and SNH only)

Appendix 6 APDMG Monitoring of Designated Features

Appendix 7 2017- 2021 Population model (to follow)

Appendix 8 APDMG Broad Habitat data

The following larder sheets are also suggested for gathering deer data within the APDMG area:

APMG Male deer larder sheet APDMG DEER SHEET- Males

APDMG Female deer larder sheet APDMG DEER SHEET- Females